Silent Hill The Short Message

Silent Hill: The Short Message Has Appeared On The Korean Ratings Board

Likely to the a Silent Hill teaser.

Silent Hill rumours and leaks have been swirling for years with the most recent one (that was backed up by leaked images and a presentation) suggesting that three games were on the way.

The upcoming games in the leak included a Silent Hill 2 remake by Bloober Team, a new Silent Hill game and a P.T like teaser that was currently codenamed Sakura and was said to be a free-to-play game that would build into the next mainline game in the series.

Silent Hill The Short Message

We may have just got confirmation of that P.T like teaser by the way of the Korean Ratings Board. As reported by Gematsu, earlier today a titled called “Silent Hill: The Short Message” appeared on the ratings board. Platforms weren’t listed and obviously no release date is listed.

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With TGS having just passed, the next logical date we might see this dropped might be Halloween at the end of October, and obviously we’ll keep you posted if anything comes to light.