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The First Batch Of PlayStation VR2 Games Now Have Prices And Release Dates

That Horizon bundle is looking like good value now.

The launch of the PlayStation VR2 on February 22nd, 2023 is fast approaching and with pre-orders open as of this week there’s plenty of reason to be excited.

While we had the opportunity at Tokyo Game Show earlier this year to try the PSVR2 for ourselves with a demo of the excellent Resident Evil Village in VR and came away incredibly impressed with the hardware itself, one of the big questions surrounding the device has been its software offering. After all, what is a great gaming platform without great games?

Thankfully, now that the pre-order phase is in full swing we also have a slightly better idea of the titles to expect at the launch of the PlayStation VR2 and soon after. That’s in large part due to the PlayStation Store updating this week with a selection of games already available to pre-order digitally for those keen to have a library going right away.

Coming At Launch (Feb 22, 2023)

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Coming Later

As our mates at Kotaku Australia point out, some of these are entering pretty pricey territory, especially when comparing the differences in titles that are available on competing platforms. The cost of entry for Horizon Call of the Mountain at least makes the PlayStation VR2 Horizon Bundle coming at launch a more enticing prospect!

Haven’t secured a PlayStation VR2 for yourself yet? Amazon still has pre-orders available with no deposit necessary: