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Wild Hearts Is Getting A New Free Content Update This Week

What does the fox say?

Wild Hearts is getting its biggest post-launch update yet this week, with the introduction of new abilities and mechanics as well as a whole new Kemono for players to hunt down.

The update is scheduled to launch on April 6th, and will be free to anyone who owns the game. It’ll add the new Spinning Top Karakuri, the new Murakumo species of Kemono and allow players to upgrade their weapons and armour even further than before with the new Limit Break system – along with a number of bug fixes and improvements.


Here’s what’s included in the update:

Wild Hearts April 6 Update

New Kemono Species – Murakumo

Strange winds swirl the sakura blossoms, which fail to fall even long after spring has passed. When rumors spread of this eerie sight, parents warn their children to keep their distance. Knowing that should you wander too close, the vulpine fiend appears and spirits you away. For it is no mere wind; it is the Murakumo.

This Kemono’s plethora of petal-manipulating attacks are a real menace. It courses through the air on platforms made of sakura blossoms. Which, in turn, makes counterattacking tricky. When enraged, the vulpine beast unleashes a thunderous tornado that could easily leave you unconscious. Hunters would be wise to employ a Spinning Top Karakuri to fight against the beast.

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New Karakuri – Spinning Top

Once unleashed, the Spinning Top closes in on prey to deliver a stubborn assault. Whenever it hits Kemono or other obstacles, it gains both speed and power. The Spinning Top can stagger Kemono given it has enough speed and power when it connects.

Limit Breaking Weapons, Armor

Hunters can use Core Orbs to further enhance weapons and armor. The number of times you can carry out such enhancements, and the effects they have, are different for each piece of equipment.

Core orbs can mainly be obtained by successfully hunting Volatile Kemono. The type of core orb dropped will depend on where you are hunting.

Check out the Lethal Blossoms trailer for Wild Hearts below:

We gave Wild Hearts an 8.5/10 in our review, saying “Wild Hearts’ unique Karakuri mechanics and skill systems do just enough to offer a new take on the tried-and-true monster-hunting genre. While there is some inconsistent performance across all platforms, Wild Hearts bewildering bestiary of unique creature more than makes it worth a look.”

Amazon has the game for just $68 with free shipping.