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EA Sports Has Revealed Its Post-FIFA Football Game Branding


It’s been almost a year since EA Sports announced that it will no longer carry the FIFA name on its mammoth annual football franchise, and would instead rebrand it to “EA Sports FC.”

Now, the publisher has revealed what its branding for EA Sports FC will look like, ahead of a bigger reveal of the first EA Sports FC video game this coming July and with the branding set to feature in the public for the first time with a number of EA Sports’ partners in football.


In a press release, EA said that over the coming days, the EA SPORTS FC brand will debut in more than 100 matches across the biggest leagues in the world. Football fans will see the new brand identity in the wild for the first time through EA SPORTS partners, including the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, WSL, NWSL, CONMEBOL and more. Voices from across the world of global football are joining EA SPORTS to begin a new era for the game, with hundreds of leagues, teams, brands and athletes sharing the EA SPORTS FC logo through their platforms today.

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That includes the likes of console platform partners with PlayStation and Xbox both updating their social branding today to reflect the new triangle-motif EA Sports FC logo. Even Nintendo shared their own version, implying this release will be the first in a number of years that won’t be a “Legacy Edition” FIFA game, although who knows if that means it’ll actually come as a fresh build for the Switch.

“This is where the story of EA SPORTS FC begins. We’re building on 30 years of leadership and history creating experiences that bring the global football community together, and continuing to take it into a fan-first future,” said Nick Wlodyka, SVP & GM of EA SPORTS FC. “EA SPORTS FC will be a symbol for the sport, a symbol of innovation and change, and we’re energized to show our fans more about the future in July.”