Humanity Is Releasing Next Month And Will Be On PlayStation Plus Extra At Launch

Humanity's gone to the dogs!

Enhance, the folks behind the incredible Tetris Effect, have announced that their new puzzle-platforming game, Humanity, is launching on May 16th. Better yet, it’s landing on PlayStation Plus Extra/Deluxe on release day so anyone with a subscription can add it to their libraries at no extra cost.

Humanity is described as a unique blend of puzzle-solving and action-platforming, where players control a Shiba Inu responsible for leading huge crowds of people, Lemmings-style, to safety across treacherous stages. The game will ship with over 90 levels across a story-driven campaign and will also let players create and share their own stages. There’s also an option VR mode for both PS VR and PS VR2 (and PC VR if you’re buying the game on Steam).

It all looks suitably weird, which isn’t at all surprising when visual designer Yugo Nakamura and iconic video game creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi are involved.

The release date announcement comes via a fantastic trailer inspired by the PS1/PS2-era trailers of Japanese games and suits Humanity’s vibe entirely. You can check it out below:

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We wanted to announce the May 16 launch for our action-puzzle game, Humanity, with a trailer that truly reflects the game: fun, a bit weird (in a good way!), and starring an adorable lil’ Shiba Inu. Oh, and importantly: clearly, undeniably Japanese.

What better way to do that than to recreate the wild – and brilliant – Japanese PlayStation ad campaigns of the PS1 and PS2 era? (If you haven’t seen them, it’s worth a search here on YouTube, we promise!). We’ve been incredibly flattered to hear Humanity compared to classics of this era, the late ’90s and 2000’s, a golden age for unique, designer-led Japanese games that defied conventional genres. And whether you share that nostalgia or not, or were even gaming back then, we hope you’ll enjoy that same spirit in Humanity: stylish and different, but with a deeply satisfying game at the core.