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A New PlayStation Showcase Is Rumoured To Be Happening In The Next Few Weeks

State of May.

Fans waiting patiently for the next big PlayStation Showcase may not have much longer to wait, with a series of journalists and outlets reporting that there might be one just around the corner, as soon as a couple of weeks from now.

Most notable of those adding fuel to the rumour fire is journalist, podcast host and serial leaker Jeff Grubb, who’s made the bold assertion that a showcase will be happening “the week of May 25th,” later clarifying in a follow-up reply that the 25th is the latest day in the month that this supposed PlayStation Showcase could happen. Grubb shared a “Jeff Grubb’s Summer Game Mess” list of the rest of the year’s big gaming expos and livestreamed events with the rumoured PlayStation Showcase included:

These claims were also somewhat corroborated by gaming news outlet Video Games Chronicle, which suggested that its own sources, people supposedly with knowledge of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s plans, have also informed it of a PlayStation Showcase happening “within the next few weeks” in either late May or early June.

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With plenty of its future line-up still shrouded in mystery and fans still waiting patiently for updates on the likes of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there’s certainly scope for PlayStation to get in on the June gaming showcase action, but obviously until word comes down from the mouths of Sony this is still well and truly a set of strong rumours – after all, you could throw a handful of darts at a June calendar and land on at least five gaming showcases.