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Alan Wake’s Voice Actor May Have Spilled The Game’s Release Month

Get ready for a spooky October.

It’s been a hot minute since we heard word from the folks at Remedy Entertainment about their exciting, upcoming sequel, Alan Wake 2, but if a slip of the tongue from one of its voice actors is any indication we might not be far off from learning a lot more.

Matthew Porretta, he voice actor for the game’s titular protagonist, recently guested on the Monsters, Madness and Magic podcast, where the actor spoke at length about his screen and video game work. When the conversation turns to Alan Wake, he seemingly drops the bombshell that the game is coming out in October, a revelation that is quickly glossed over as further questioning is knocked back for fear of breaking NDAs.

Porretta said during the episode (around the 16:40 mark if you want to hear it for yourself), “I’ve been working on it – that’s supposed to come out in October, we’re in the middle of working on it now. In fact, I was just in Finland last week – that’s where the company is – Remedy.”

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October certainly makes sense for a game set to be at least a little bit spooky, and adding more fuel to the fire the podcast has revealed today that Remedy had reached out to them to have the audio edited, but changed their minds after the story had already gotten out.

In n earnings report a few months ago, Remedy announced that the game is now “playable from start to finish,” meaning that  at the time it would’ve been feature-complete and waiting for all of the assets and content to be put into place before it went into a polishing phase. It bodes well for a supposed October 2023 release but obviously things could have changed from what Porretta has heard, or he could simply be wrong. Either way, with the June “Summer Game” showcase season just around the corner we may not be far from learning more about Alan Wake 2.