Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Just Got A Huge, Stunning Gameplay Trailer

Absolutely incredible.

This morning saw a huge new PlayStation Showcase with over an hour of reveals, updates and gorgeous trailers.

One of the big-ticket titles that most were reasonably expecting to see at the event made its inevitable showing with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 getting a lengthy trailer to cap off the event, kicking off with a look at Kraven the Hunter.

Flash-forward six months to Queens and we see our first look at gameplay with Spider-Man using some bad-arse venom powers and slingshotting and gliding across the city. Following is a lengthy look at a whole lot of gameplay and narrative, which all looks glorious. Traversal looks incredibly fast, the set pieces naturally look incredible, and players will be switching rapidly between both Spideys at a near-instant pace. Also Lizard is here!

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Insomniac is clearly making good use of the PS5’s SSD here with new features like the Web Wings taking Spider-Man and Miles Morales across the city at breakneck speeds. He may not have been granted wild symbiote powers, but the trailer shows that Miles is also getting a host of new abilities as well.

The game’s release date sadly hasn’t been revealed yet, but Insomniac reiterates in the accompanying PlayStation Blog post that it’s still on track to deliver the game with a late 2023 window.

Take a look at the stacked trailer below: