Alone In The Dark Just Got A Release Date, A Demo And David Harbour

October 2023 is getting stacked.

THQ Nordic held its Alone in the Dark Spotlight this morning, revealing some exciting new details about the upcoming “love letter” to one of the defining titles in horror video games.

Starting off strong with the reveal of David Harbour (Stranger Things, that heartbreakingly-bad Hellboy movie) in the role of Edward Carnby and Jodie Comer (Killing Eve, Free Guy) as Emily Hartwood.

In the spotlight team at Pieces Interactive speak about their vision for the game and how it pays respect to the 1992 original while offering up current horror game fans a slick and contemporary horror experience. The studio also explained that players will be able to choose whether they play through the game as Edward or Emily, with characters, puzzles and situations reacting differently to the chosen protagonist.

The release date for the game was also finally revealed, with Alone in the Dark coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on October 25th (gee, that month is really heating up isn’t it?).

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Finally, a playable “prologue” demo for the game, seemingly the same one we played back at Gamescom last year, has been released to the public on all three platforms and is available now.

“Alone in the Dark Prologue is an atmospheric Playable Teaser for the upcoming re-imagination of Alone in the Dark – the game which gave birth to the survival horror genre.

One of Derceto’s residents, Jeremy Hartwood, has been acting strange lately. He asks Grace to do one simple thing – help him deliver a letter to his niece, Emily Hartwood. She seems to be the only one capable of understanding the otherworldly horrors plaguing Jeremy’s mind.

Grace agrees and embarks on a short yet memorable trip through a wing of Derceto Manor, invaded by a presence which appears to have emerged from the dark depths of the Bayou…”