Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Next Major Update Will Add The Fairy Godmother And Multiple Player Houses


Disney Dreamlight Valley’s next major update is slated to release in June, and while the official social media accounts have already been teasing plenty of features and at least one new character entering the Valley – we now have confirmation on the update’s title and a first look at the arrival of The Fairy Godmother.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 5 will be titled… The Remembering! This title actually has some exciting story implications for anyone that’s been following along with it so far, and it looks to finally be adding some gameplay to the Forgotten Lands, which so far have gone pretty much unused (aside from farming millions of coins a day by filling it with pumpkin crops).

From previous tweets, we also know that this update will bring some massive changes like the ability to place multiple player houses in the Valley, dressable mannequins for quick outfit changes, customisable manchester and more.

“Have you got a house skin burning a hole in your Inventory? With Update 5, you’ll be able to place multiple player houses throughout the Valley to really liven things up! Keep an eye out this week, we have a lot more to share about Update 5.”

Gameloft recently shared a roadmap for upcoming content in Disney Dreamlight Valley. As the year goes on we’ll naturally be getting even more new story content and characters, but perhaps most exciting is what the team is promising beyond that. At the end of the current roadmap, the studio says that even more characters, realms and items will be added to the game plus the addition of multiplayer. While we don’t yet know exactly what multiplayer gameplay will entail, the accompanying graphic suggests it’ll at least involve being able to visit other players worlds.

Stay tuned for when we eventually see and report the full patch notes for this huge update coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley in June.