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The Melbourne-Made Puzzle Quest 3 Is Now On Consoles So My Life Is In Danger


I don’t know about you, dear reader, but once upon a time from around 2007 – the year that Rihanna first made it impossible to offer someone cover from the rain without breaking into song – until somewhere into the early-to-mid 2010s I was addicted, absorbed and profoundly obsessed with a game called Puzzle Quest.

The game, a product of Melbourne studio Infinity Plus Two (then called Infinite Interactive), combined the immediacy and dopamine rush of a match-3 puzzle game with the depth and longevity of an RPG in a way that made my yet-to-be-fully-developed mind noodle positively buzz with great, good vibes. Follow that up with a sequel and a few decent delves into licenses like Marvel and Adventure Time and it truly had a neat little hold on my lizard brain for a noticeable amount of time.

And then I guess I had a break for about eight years? But that’s over now! Because Puzzle Quest 3 has just launched on consoles and that means it’s on PlayStation, and that means there are trophies to be unlocked, and that means that my life and free time are officially over.

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First released last year for PC and mobile platforms, Puzzle Quest 3 brings the series to a whole new level with gorgeous 3D visuals, seasonal content, co-op and PVP multiplayer, seven distinct hero classes, tons of gear and more all in a free-to-play title that’s now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. It’s also now officially out of Early Access on PC.

In a celebratory video with series creator Steve “Sirrian” Fawkner, it was also announced that the Melbourne studio is working on “big changes” that it hopes will take the game to even further heights.

So, if you don’t mind, a notification has just popped up on my phone to say that Puzzle Quest 3 is ready to play on my PS5. It’s been nice knowing everybody, I’m sure they’ll find a replacement for me here soon enough!