MultiVersus Has Officially Gone Dark Until 2024

When one open beta closes, a full launch opens... eventually.

Update: As previously announced, MultiVersus’ open beta has now wound down and been shut off completely, with the full game set to launch in 2024. Anyone who was able to add the game to their library prior to it being removed from storefronts in April and now attempts to boot it up is greeted with the following message from the team at Player First Games [via VGC]:

“Thank you for your support throughout our Open Beta! The feedback and inspiration has been amazing. On June 25, we’ll be closing the MultiVersus Open Beta as we prepare for our launch in early 2024.

“We plan to be back and better than ever with new content, features, modes and more when the game returns next year and will ensure that all of your progress and content will carry over. In the meantime, please stay tuned for updates as we work towards the next phase of MultiVersus.”

Those with the game in their collection are still able to download and play it in an offline capacity, with all previously-locked content temporarily unlocked while the game is in shutdown. Once it returns, existing player inventories will be restored to what they were prior to the closure.

Player First Games has issued a rather odd statement on the future of MultiVersus, the popular platform fighter featuring a roster of Warner Bros. characters.

The studio’s co-founder and game director Tony Huynh has announced in a video statement that the game’s open beta period will be ending on June 25th, at which point it will have been operating and playable for just a touch over a year. The kicker, though? The full game doesn’t launch until early 2024.


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That means that, despite players being able to jump into the game, spend real money on in-game purchases, engage with seasonal content and more across PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC, the game will be rendered inoperable and unplayable for at least the six months following the close date.

In an FAQ surrounding the closure, Player First has confirmed that players’ unlocks and purchases will be carried over to the full release when it does eventually launch, and that the game’s purchaseable currency, Gleamium, will no longer be sold after April 4th – which is the last day that MultiVersus will be available on digital storefronts for new players.

“MVPs, thank you for the support during Open Beta! The feedback and inspiration has been amazing. Open Beta will close on June 25 as we prepare for full launch in early 2024. MultiVersus will be back better than ever with new content, features, modes & more when we return.”

Existing players will still be able to redownload the game after April 4th, and it will remain playable in a limited, offline capacity for anyone who’s previously downloaded it even after the June 25th cut-off.

You can watch the full statement below:

You’ve got until April 4th to download the free MultiVersus beta client and ensure you can get in on the online action while it’s still around, so grab it from the below: