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Disney Speedstorm Is Coming Out Of Early Access In September

Finally going free-to-play.

Gameloft has revealed that Disney Speedstorm, its cross-franchise kart racer that launched in early access in April of this year, is getting its full release on September 28th, where it will finally be available as a free-to-play title across PC and consoles.

Right now, the game can only be purchased as part of three different “Founder’s” editions, which reward early adopters for buying into the game ahead of its official release with exclusive content and in-game currency bonuses. The game is currently in its second season of content, highlighting new racers and tracks based on the Toy Story franchise, with the upcoming third season being based on Lilo & Stitch.

“Since the launch of Early Access, we’ve received invaluable feedback and support from players, which have been instrumental in shaping Disney Speedstorm into the incredible racing experience it is today,” said Aska Suzuki, Game Manager, in an accompanying press release. “Our incredible community’s enthusiasm, dedication, and love for the game have been our inspiration from day one, and we can’t wait to continue this journey together as we enter this exciting new phase.”

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“We are immensely proud of what Disney Speedstorm has become,” adds Alexandru Adam, VP & Studio Manager of Gameloft Barcelona. “With the additions and improvements made during Early Access, we are excited to move to free-to-play which allows for a true and robust competitive and co-op player experience.”

The current Founder’s Packs for Disney Speedstorm will remain available until the early access period ends and the game launches in its full, free-to-play version for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch and PC on September 28th.

Gameloft’s other early access Disney title, Disney Dreamlight Valley, launched much earlier in September last year and has seen numerous sizeable updates stacked with new content and features in the months since, but has yet to be given a release date for its own free-to-play launch.