Scorn Is Coming To PS5 This Year

It's Scorn!

Scorn, the first-person atmospheric horror game from developer Ebb Software that launched in October last year, is breaking free of its Xbox and PC exclusive confinements and launching on PS5 later this year at an unannounced date.

The announcement comes by way of a post on the PlayStation Blog from the game’s technical artist, Jovan Vuckovic, who revealed that the team has been hard at work on adapting Scorn to the PS5’s unique DualSense controller to really sell the game’s physical, meaty vibe.

“As we were developing the game for PlayStation 5, we finally had the opportunity to tap into the potential of the DualSense wireless controller to immerse you even further in this twisted world, extending the synesthetic experience of Scorn,” the post reads. “It allows us to deepen the player’s immersion and to let the whole world ‘breathe’ in a new way. Since there is no spoken dialogue in the game, we have put a strong emphasis on environmental storytelling, hence haptics are a great addition to this peculiar audio-visual experience.

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“The main character in the game interacts with the world mostly by using his hands. Most of these interactions are also painful for the character. That’s where haptics comes into play. The imagery offered to the player’s eyes is painful by itself, but we wanted to increase this feeling by giving a sensation to the hands holding the controller. Players are also able to feel the directions of haptics (left or right hand), further adding to the experience.”

We gave the game a 7.5/10 in our review of its original release, saying “Scorn successfully leverages an intense atmosphere with striking artistic direction to offer a horror journey like no other. While combat can get in the way of an otherwise strong offering, and the story takes a back seat to everything else, Scorn is a unique horror experience and a great debut.”