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Exoprimal’s Director Reckons Dino Crisis Content Could Happen With Enough Demand

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Capcom fans who’ve been clamouring for something, anything new in the Dino Crisis universe may have got the tiniest of bumps off of the company’s recently-released online multiplayer joint, Exoprimal, if only for the very tangential connection in the featuring of dinosaurs as humanity’s number one enemy. If that wasn’t enough though (and it wasn’t), Exoprimal’s director, Takuro Hiraoka, has gone on record in an interview with Siliconera to say that the idea of Dino Crisis-related content coming to the game isn’t necessarily off the table.

While it wasn’t an overly direct answer, it was certainly a cheeky acknowledgement of fans’ thirst for more Dino Crisis, delivered in the context of the world of Exoprimal. When asked bluntly, “Could we see more Dino Crisis content come to Exoprimal?” the director simply responded:

“Leviathan is the type of entity that will go to any means to collect a variety of useful combat data. If there’s enough demand from players, Leviathan very well could make this a reality.”

Leviathan is, of course, the AI that governs the exosuit combat tests that form the basis of Exoprimal’s simulated dino-slaughtering gameplay. Hiraoka isn’t wrong in suggesting that the game’s gimmick of being set inside a combat simulation could certainly open the doors for all manner of interesting crossover content – hell, there’s already Street Fighter stuff on the way.

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The rest of the interview is well worth a read, going into Hiraoka’s history with video games and industry journey, the development of Exoprimal and how fan feedback helped shape the game, as well as the developer’s plans for future content and support – including the potential for crossplay. Check it out here.

We gave Exoprimal an 8/10 in our review, saying “Exoprimal earnestly attempts to bring together engaging single-player style encounters that Capcom is known for with an unexpectedly solid multiplayer offering reminiscent of games like Lost Planet. It’s a joy to play and a great melding of PvP and PvE elements. While it’s a shame that what it has to offer is dealt to players so opaquely, Exoprimal is a pleasant surprise that’s well worth a look and not to be underestimated.”

Exoprimal is available now for $74.99 on PS5 from Amazon, and is also available via Game Pass on Xbox and PC.