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A Video Of The Alleged New PS5 Model Has Been Shared By An Aussie Developer

A new disc-overy!

After months of rumours and speculation, and the surfacing of a blurry image over the last couple of days claiming to depict the new PS5 “slim” model, more reported “evidence” has arrived in the form of a video showing the unit in question.

The video seemingly corroborates rumours that Sony is planning to release a new model of the PS5 that unifies both current designs into a single, disc drive-free body with the option to attach a separate USB-C disc drive for those still wanting to keep a physical library.

In the video, we can see the current look of the console and its top and bottom covers remains pretty much intact, and the overall footprint of the PS5 doesn’t look radically different, but the covers are now split – and you can see that the disc drive seems to affix to the console itself where you’d expect to find it, adding a bit more of the bulk back.

The alleged new model also seems to feature dual USB-C ports at the front, replacing the current one USB-C and one USB-A, presumably to make up for the fact that the drive will take up a USB-C port (though this could also be an added one at the rear, the video doesn’t really show any of the back). It’s seemingly designated the CFI-2016 model.

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Here’s the footage in question, which actually comes from @BeW_Dev, a Brisbane-based PS5 technician and independent PlayStation software developer who says it was given to them from a factory source, hence the console featured seemingly being a shell only. The poster also stresses that they themselves don’t know of the veracity of the leak and have simply shared what they were given:

The user also then shared a photo of the console’s PSU, which appears to also be smaller than in the current model:

Insider Gaming, which has been reporting on this new model since last year, shared the video and says it lines up with their claims and the information they’ve reportedly been given. The outlet reiterates though that the video is unverified, and shouldn’t be taken as factual or a genuine leak at this stage.