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Tennis On-Court Is Bringing Realistic Tennis Action To PlayStation VR2 Soon

Good time to make sure your TV is insured.

Perpetual and developer Decathlon Games have announced that Tennis On-Court, a VR tennis simulator focused on providing the most realistic and immersive virtual tennis experience, is headed to the PlayStation VR2 on October 20th.

The game will feature the option for arcade-like or “realistic” playstyles, across five different training modes, solo play against AI in 1v1 matches as well as online play with real opponents in 1v1 singles or 2v2 doubles matches – including online championships for players to prove they’re the best.

Tennis On-Court will also feature fully customisable player avatars, multiple racket types, six stadiums with different surfaces to play on, different assist and VR movement options and – perhaps most excitingly – the ability to “play with your ball before serving.”

(That’s genuinely what it says here.)

Take a look at the release date announcement trailer for Tennis On-Court below:

Tennis On-Court (PSVR2)

It’s not only a video game, it’s real tennis thanks to the experience of Decathlon & Artengo engineers, working every day on the design of tennis equipment : rackets, balls, accessories, … used by top players on the ATP & WTA tours.

Lift, slice, dropshot, retro, perform all those effects and feel like a real tennis player..

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– Gameplay : Arcade or Realistic, choose your side!
– 3 different types of moving: Teleport, Automatic, Manual
– Fully customizable 3D male & female avatars
– 13 rackets with different characteristics to match with your style.
– 6 incredible stadiums with different evolutive surfaces : clay, grass, hard…
– 5 assists to help you to perform: service hit assist, position assist, ball trajectory correction, …
– Spectator mode to watch your friends or future opponents performing in live.


– Play with your ball before serving
– 1 handed or 2 handed backhand ? That works!
– Umpire and linesmen are present on the court to follow your matchs
– Playing in a crowded out stadium is perfect for immersion!
– AI is almost human thanks to all motion-captured animations in match.

Game modes

– Play against AI in 1vs1 with 4 difficulty levels
– Bonus : choose if your opponent is left or right-handed
– Play with your friend in singles (1vs1) or doubles (2vs2) online match
– Find perfect opponents thanks to matchmaking feature
– Prove your are the best thanks to the online championship
– Improve your skills with 5 training modes.