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The Excellent C-Smash VRS Is Getting A Non-VR Version For PS5

Make a racket!

C-Smash VRS is easily one of the best titles available on the PlayStation VR2 right now, and has just launched for Meta Quest headsets as well, but the domination doesn’t stop there. RapidEyeMovers has announced that the game is coming to even more players than ever with a “flat” version in the works for PS5, amusingly dubbed C-Smash VRS: New Dimension.

This new version of C-Smash VRS will bring the action to a third-person view, which brings the game even closer to the iconic SEGA Dreamcast game that inspired it in the first place – Cosmic Smash. It’ll feature 140+ levels across several modes designed to enhance both solo and multiplayer gameplay, including existing ones like Head-to-Head, Firewall, Quickshot and Zen with new modes to be revealed at a later date.

C-Smash VRS: New Dimension is slated to release in “Late Winter” 2024, and those who already own C-Smash VRS for the PlayStation VR2 will get New Dimension as a free update at launch. The PS VR2 version is on sale right now, until April 11th, for $23.16 (or $17.37 for PlayStation Plus subscribers) and a free demo is also available so you can find all of that right here.

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You can see the reveal teaser for C-Smash VRS: New Dimension below:

“Playable in 3rd person in the spirit of SEGA’s icon, C-Smash VRS – New Dimension is a brand-new experience for the first time on PlayStation 5, featuring innovative new gameplay, combining the very best of racket sports with block breaking, 140+ stylish levels, iconic graphic design, and hypnotic original music.

“Players move, dash and duck, performing intense shots, leaps and power smashes while racing against time, either solo or with a friend.

“With a variety of modes, players can journey to the edge of space and time in single player or make a cosmic connection with a friend and take part in versus and co-op fun. “