Alan Wake 2 Is Getting New Game Plus After Launch And It’ll Include An Alternate Narrative

Alan a day's work.

Hot on the cusp of its release of a sequel 13 years in the making, Remedy has revealed that Alan Wake II will be getting a significant New Game Plus mode in an update coming post-launch.

Alan Wake II’s New Game Plus mode will allow players to replay the game while retaining their unlocked weapons and upgrades, as well as play in an added Nightmare difficulty level. Most interesting though is the claim that it’ll offer players a new “alternative” narrative with extra Manuscript pages and video content – it’ll be interesting to see how deep that actually goes, given it’s modern Remedy we’re talking about.

The studio says it hasn’t landed on specific release timing for the New Game Plus update as of yet:

We got the chance to see an in-depth, behind closed doors look at Alan Wake II with the team at Remedy at this year’s Summer Game Fest and came away suitably impressed and ready for more, you can read about that right here.

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Alan Wake II is set to launch as a digital-only title on October 27th for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.