planet of lana

Planet Of Lana Is Coming To PlayStation And Switch In 2024

Great news!

Developer Wishfully and publisher Thunderful Games have announced that the gorgeous, cinematic puzzle adventure Planet of Lana is headed to PlayStation and Switch in Autumn 2024 after it initially launched for Xbox consoles and PC in May this year.

The game follows a young girl and her creature friend setting off on a rescue mission through a vibrant world inhabited by machines and unfamiliar creatures, and quickly became a favourite amongst this year’s already-stellar library of indie releases.

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“We’re delighted to be bringing Planet of Lana to Switch and PlayStation in spring 2024,” said the studio’s director Adam Stjarnljus in a press release. “We want to share our game with as many people as possible, so this is something we are very excited about. Thanks to all the fans that helped make Planet of Lana a success on PC and console, and thanks to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation communities for your patience. I promise we will do our best to make it worth the wait!”

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Check out the PlayStation and Switch Announcement Trailer for Planet of Lana below:

We gave Planet of Lana a respectable 8.5/10 in our review when it first launched earlier this year, saying, “Planet of Lana is a profoundly moving title that couples its clever, companion-driven puzzle-solving with an irresistibly gorgeous presentation to create what is, so far, the year’s prettiest, heartrending indie.”