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The Last Of Us Part 2 Remastered Has Leaked Including A Release Date And Trailer

Some cool inclusions!

Although it feels like we hear something about a “remaster” or PS5 port of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II every other week, whether it’s errant LinkedIn job profiles or even old mate Gustavo Santaolalla himself claiming we’ll be able to request songs from him in-game in a new version.

None of that is as concrete though as a fresh leak that’s appeared thanks to PlayStation Game Size – an account that regularly scrapes the PlayStation backend for unseen information that’s been uploaded to the database. And they’ve only gone and found a complete description of the game, dubbed The Last of Us Part II Remastered, which is set to launch on January 19th next year.

Feel more with PS5. Beyond the everyday. Beyond extraordinary. Even beyond imagination. Feel it now.

The description for this new native PS5 version of Naughty Dog’s huge sequel tells us that it’ll have some fairly expected visual improvements including native 4K resolution and improved load times, but what’s more interesting is it also describes a brand-new “roguelike survival mode” called No Return along with something called Lost Levels which will allow players to explore unfinished areas that were never put into the final game.

There’ll also be developer commentary and a Guitar Free Play mode among other things. All up it sounds like a pretty compelling package:

“Built for the PS5 console, The Last of Us Part II Remastered enhances the original PS4 game in ways not possible before, including:

  • A host of graphical improvements bring the beautiful-yet-dangerous world to life.
  • Visual performance now outputs at 4K in Fidelity Mode.
  • Improved loading times more quickly let you jump into action.
  • Full DualSense™ wireless controller integration.
  • No Return – A Roguelike Survival Mode New ways to play
  • Delve deeper into this beloved adventure and learn how the original game was created, Lost Levels lets you explore early-development versions of three new levels not seen in the original.
  • Enjoy hours of new developer commentary to hear insights into Part II’s development as you experience the game.
  • Live up to your musical potential with Guitar Free Play, which includes new unlockable instruments, or take on the new Speedrun Mode* and post your best times.
  • Descriptive Audio** and Speech to Vibrations have also been added to Part II’s suite of accessibility features.
  • The Last of Us Part II Remastered also features brand new unlockable character and weapon skins for players to use for both Ellie and Abby.”

Unfortunately for Geoff Keighley and what will no doubt be a feature at The Game Awards, a trailer for The Last of Us Part II has also leaked via Insider Gaming:

Header Image: Insider Gaming