the last of us part 2

A New Version Of The Last Of Us Part II Looks To Be On The Way

Yes please!

The Last Of Part 1 released on PS5 last year, but The Last Of Us Part II still doesn’t have a PS5 version, with only the PS4 version being released to date, but that looks set to change.

Composer for both games, Gustavo Santaolalla was speaking in his cameo in The Last Of Us Part II (which happens early in the game), before speaking about his expanded role in a new version of the game.

“In the new editions (of The Last Of Us Part II), you can make me play certain themes and well, I can’t tell you anything else) said Santaolalla.

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There’s been absolutely no hint for a PS5 version of The Last Of Us Part II, although it’d make sense that it would release at some point, likely before the second season of the HBO version release.

What’s exciting though, is that from what Santaolalla has said, it seems as though we can expect to see expanded content/features, which wasn’t really the case in The Last Of Us Part 1.