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This Is The World’s First Portable PS5 Console And It’s Super Impressive

I want one.

With the PlayStation Portal having launched in other regions and on its way to our shores on February 2nd, the idea of playing PlayStation 5 games on the go is more enticing than ever. But while using Remote Play on a dedicated handheld, or just a phone or other device, is fine and all, the ultimate experience would naturally be taking the actual PS5 hardware on the go.

Enter YouTuber DIY Perks, who’s gone ahead and created just the thing – the PlayStation 5: Tablet Edition. Yep, this absolute legend has managed to take apart a standard PS5 console and squeeze it into a (somewhat) more portable form factor complete with its own dedicated OLED screen. The result isn’t exactly what you’d call pocket friendly, but it’s utterly impressive nonetheless, surprisingly svelte and shockingly not overly loud. It definitely works incredibly well as the kind of system you’d take to a mate’s house or on holiday to show off your games.

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DIY Perks reckons Sony could probably make an even thinner and better version of the same thing, if they somehow deemed it viable as a product. You can watch the full, 18-minute video of the process and the resulting device in action below:

For those of us without the technical wizardry to craft a truly portable PS5, the PlayStation Portal will be launching in Australian on February 2nd, 2024. We’ll have our full review of the device up very soon, it’ll cost $329.95 locally and pre-orders are open now at the below retailers: