Sea Of Stars Is Getting A Gorgeous Physical Release

I need it.

Sea of Stars is an absolute treat and one of the best games released among a huge year of great titles last year, finding itself nominated in a fair few end-of-year awards shows and earning a tidy 87 on Metacritic.

Now, for those of us who got a kick out of the nostalgia for old-school RPGs that the game provides and therefore likely have a fondness for physical games, regular proprietors of collectible gear iam8bit have revealed a shiny physical release for the game in both a Standard and Exclusive flavour.

While we don’t have local retail listings just yet, the standard versions of iam8bit releases quite often do land in Aussie stores, so if that’s what you’re after we’ll hopefully be in luck there. You can find out more about both and place pre-orders for the Exclusive Edition and vinyl soundtrack here.

Here’s what’s included in each and when they launch:

Sea Of Stars Physical Standard Version – Available May 10th

  • Sea of Stars game on PS5, PS4, Xbox or Switch
  • Double sided poster featuring art from Bryce Kho
  • Pre-order and receive a digital download of the game soundtrack

Sea Of Stars Physical Exclusive Edition – Available Q2 2024 – $44.99 USD

  • Sea of Stars game on PS5, PS4, Xbox or Switch
  • Retro-inspired game manual
  • Collectible slipcase
  • Collectible poster featuring original art and oversized game map
  • Digital download of game soundtrack featuring music by Yasunori Mitsuda
  • 4 sticker sheets

Sea Of Stars Vinyl Soundtrack – Available Q3 2024 – $42.99 USD

  • 2xLP on Solar Orange and Lunar Blue Vinyl
  • Featuring Music by Eric W. Brown and Yasunori Mitsuda
  • Album Art by Bryce Kho
  • Includes Digital Download

Harry gave Sea of Stars a huge 9/10 in his review last year, saying, “Sea of Stars is simultaneously a love letter and modernisation of the legendary turn-based RPGs of old. It retains everything that made them such a core part of the industry so many years ago, while poking fun at tropes and conventions in an entertainingly self-aware manner. Much like The Messenger, Sea of Stars is another smash hit from Sabotage Studio, and is undoubtedly one of the best games of this year.”