Until Dawn Is Officially Being Remastered For PS5 And PC

Dawn but not forgotten.

Update: This morning saw the premier of the year’s first PlayStation State of Play, which gave us a look at around 40 minutes of reveals and updates on games coming to PlayStation in 2024 and beyond. There were some neat surprises (early leaks be damned) as well as some exciting extended looks and new information on upcoming games.

One of those reveals has confirmed what was previously rumoured – that Until Dawn is getting a remaster for PS5 and PC in 2024. The game is being rebuilt in Unreal Engine 5 by the team at Ballistic Moon and will include new and improved animations to expand on the original character performances, as well as better looking character models, environments and VFX.

The studio has also added a full third-person camera, supported by new environmental work and added interactions and collectables.

You can see the first trailer below:

Original Story: Hot off of leaking the potential full title for Death Stranding 2, the ever-reliable billbil-kun is back at it again with another PlayStation leak and further speculation that we’ll more than likely be seeing a new State of Play in the very near future.

This time, the game that ol’ bill is spilling the tea on is an updated release of Supermassive Games’ 2015 PS4 hit, Until Dawn. According to the report, Until Dawn is getting a fresh release on both PS5 and PC, though there is no information around whether it’ll land on both platforms at the same time or what the nature of this re-release will be as far as it being a simple port, a remaster or something else. It’s also unclear whether Supermassive is developing this new version.

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With the very recent announcement that an Until Dawn feature film is also on the way from Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation director David F. Sandberg, a remastered version of the game would fit very well within Sony’s current efforts to hit both games and movies/TV with its legacy franchises and releases.

At any rate, billbil-kun maintains that both this and Death Stranding 2 will be revealed within the next couple of weeks, so we’ve already got a couple of exciting things to potentially look forward to if a State of Play broadcast is announced soon.

We gave Until Dawn an 8/10 back in our original review, saying “Until Dawn is a thrilling experience. For horror fans, this will be one of the best horror experiences that gaming has seen in years. It’s a perfect balance of story telling and gameplay and doesn’t drag on at all. I constantly found myself wanting to go back to find out what happened next which is rare in gaming narrative. Those looking for constant action may be disappointed, but I’d advise anybody who wants a unique and new experience to give it a go.”