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An Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Remake Has Apparently Been Considered At PlayStation

Uncharted Re-Drake.

PlayStation may be quietly working on a remake of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, or at the very least have floated the idea in recent years, according to claims from the XboxEra podcast (the same folks who kicked off this week’s massive Xbox multiplatform discourse with word of a PS5 port of Starfield).

In the Rumour Mill segment of the podcast (that word rumour is important), it’s suggested that both Nick (Shpeshal_Nick) and Jon (_Sikamikanico_) received independent, evidence-supported information supporting claims of a remake of the original, 2007 Uncharted game having been at least “considered” within PlayStation.

“It’s worth saying,” Jon explains, “The additional detail I got was that this was quite old. Like, I’m talking a number of years,” and likens what he saw to an internal pitch deck proposing the project rather than something actively in progress.

Given PlayStation’s current strategy seems to centre heavily around remaking or remastering its back catalogue of titles, especially those with links to other media like film and TV, a ground-up remake of the first Uncharted certainly seems like it’d be within the realm of possibility.

You can watch the specific episode of the XboxEra podcast below:

Shortly after this went to air, an X user and dataminer by the name of Speclizer shared their own “proof” that an Uncharted remake could be, or at least once was, in the works thanks to references buried in the working files of a 2020 build of The Last of Us Part 2.

These files supposedly contain references to scenes from the game rebuilt in the modern Naughty Dog engine, character models and other bits, strings containing “vasg” and uc” exist within these files which certainly could point to Sony’s Visual Arts Service Group” which was thought to have looked into remaking Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune before eventually moving on to The Last of Us Part I (which was then taken over by Naughty Dog):

Of course, there’s already a way to play Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, along with the second and third games as part of the remastered Nathan Drake Collection that launched on PS4 in 2015.

The most recent PlayStation remastering effort came by way of The Last of Us Part II Remastered, which we score a 9.5/10 in our review, saying “The Last of Us Part II Remastered might ring up an emotional toll that some aren’t ready to part with so soon after its original launch, however it’s still a worthwhile release thanks in large part to its celebratory behind-the-scene glimpses at how the game came to be. Adding more value to the package is No Return, an excellent, compact roguelike that feels like an apt showcase for the game’s blunt force combat.”