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Starfield Could Be Coming To PS5 According To New Claims

Did they planet?

Adding to some fairly strong rumours of a PS5 and Switch port of Tango Gameworks’ excellent HiFi Rush, new reports are claiming that Starfield – last year’s major Xbox exclusive – is headed to the PlayStation 5.

That’s according to XboxEra, which cites anonymous sources and says that Microsoft is planning to launch Starfield on its rival platform once the upcoming Shattered Space expansion DLC has launched later in the year. The outlet also claims that Microsoft is making additional investment into PS5 development kits and that Starfield is potentially joining both HiFi Rush (which it says is due to launch in the next couple of months) and Sea of Thieves, as part of a major pivot in strategy to recoup money “left on the table” for these titles.

Naturally, these claims are unconfirmed and should be taken as rumour and nothing more until that changes, but it’s interesting to speculate that Microsoft’s stance on multiplatform releases would change so rapidly and after previously promising exclusivity for games like Starfield. That rumours like these carry so much weight also shows that Xbox fans are ready for the company to be more forthcoming about its first-party plans and the direction of its business – no less after it just shed nearly 10% of the Xbox workforce post-Activision Blizzard acquisition.

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One multiplatform launch that seems a touch more realistic at this stage is HiFi Rush, after dataminers discovered actual assets in-game that point to platform-exclusive outfits clearly designed for PlayStation and Switch.  One, a blue design, reads “I’m Here Baby” with main character Chai pulling a distinctly Cloud Strife-esque pose. The other, a red design, reads “Rock Out! Anywhere” which can be taken as the idea of playing Hi-Fi Rush on the go with the Nintendo Switch. Could we see a reveal at an upcoming Nintendo Direct? Time (and not “insider leaks”) will only tell.