what the golf

WHAT THE GOLF? Is Coming To PS5 And PS4 Next Month

Finally, a video game.

WHAT THE GOLF?, the incredibly goofy but also distinguished and award-winning golf game that’s about pretty much anything but actual golf, is finally making its way to PlayStation consoles on March 14th, 2024, after being a mega-hit on mobile, PC and Switch.

The game will feature more than 300 levels at launch, including previously-released updates such as Among Golf and A Hole New World: Golf, with developer Triband promising that even more updates are on the way. The PS5 version of WHAT THE GOLF? will also feature DualSense integration so you can feel every swing, every divot and every *checks notes* cow?

Check out a trailer for the PlayStation release of WHAT THE GOLF? below in case that last point needs any further illustration:

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WHAT THE GOLF actually took out our #9 spot for Game of the Year back in 2019 when it originally launched into Apple Arcade, with resident Game of the Year custodian Brodie saying, “What The Golf was one of the few games at launch that made Apple Arcade worthy of the asking price. I’ve never been much of a mobile gamer, but What The Golf captured many of the things that made other wonderful puzzle games like Portal so fun and memorable. A satisfying, addictive core loop along with its self-awareness and the way it manages to be self-referential with regards to the industry it’s in only adds to the charm.”

If all that sounds a birdie singing in your ear, you can join the club by wishlisting the game on the PlayStation Store here.