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A PS5 Pro Could Launch This Year According To New Analyst Claims

In time for GTA 6.

Although you could chuck a DualSense in any direction and it’d land on someone who reckons a refreshed, souped-up version of the PS5 is due to launch soon, a new report from CNBC has lit a fire under those theories by sharing analyst claims that a “PS5 Pro” is indeed slated to launch in the later months of 2024.

The outlet reports that this revised console would launch in the hopes of boosting interest in PS5, with the company’s current sales forecast for the console having been cut last week. According to Serkan Toto, an analyst with the Tokyo-based consultancy, Kantan Games, it’s also a worthy endeavour in the face of the looming launch of Grand Theft Auto VI.

“There seems to be a broad consensus in the game industry that Sony is indeed preparing a launch of a PS5 Pro in the second half of 2024,” Toto told CNBC.

“And Sony will want to make sure to have a great piece of hardware ready when GTA VI hits in 2025, a launch that will be a shot in the arm for the entire gaming industry.”

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Rumblings late last year said that a “PS5 Pro” could include its own proprietary hardware and software for frame reconstruction/generation, not unlike NVIDIA’s game-changing DLSS solution which enables massive boosts to framerate by employing machine learning to effectively upscale lower-resolution images to much higher ones with minimal hit to image quality.

“The current specs are based on a range of possibilities because they have not actually fully-dialled that in,” serial tea-spiller Jeff Grubb told listeners of his Game Mess podcast.

“The big thing here, like the big feature that this system will support, is Sony’s own proprietary DLSS-like solution, where they use their own machine learning to improve images so they can run things at a really high resolution and really high frame rate, and they would include their own hardware in the PS5 Pro to do this.”