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A Leaked Trailer From The Spider-Man Multiplayer Game Is Doing The Rounds Online

It's on the web.

A trailer for Spider-Man: The Great Web, a multiplayer title in PlayStation’s modern Spider-Man universe that the world learned was in development following the big Insomniac hack last year, and which was ultimately cancelled, has managed to surface online and is currently doing the rounds on social media, YouTube and pretty much anywhere else that video is available.

While we’re still not sharing or linking to any of the leaked content from the huge breach that Insomniac suffered back in December, we’ve seen the footage in question and it’s easy to understand why some fans are mourning the loss of the game – chucking multiple players into the now-iconic version of New York as multiple Spideys seems like a winning idea.

The trailer shows off up to five players roaming New York together, and sets up what appears to be a multiverse-hopping adventure with Spider-Gwen a playable character among the obvious multiple versions of the Man himself, and Venom looks to be playable much like in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The trailer appears to be something of a rough cut but definitely seems like it was aimed at public viewing and the footage within looks fairly polished, so it could be that a reveal was close at hand before the cancellation happened.

As much as we’re big fans of Insomniac’s Spider-Man games here, we’d absolutely discourage other fans out there from sharing the trailer given the nature in which it’s come to light, but it’s very much out there and spreading quickly as a natural result of how much love there is for this franchise and the exciting prospect of a Spider-verse-like game from the same stable as the modern single-player entries.

For those still playing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the game’s big New Game+ update dropped last week and also includes new features, a new level cap, additional suits and more: