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Helldivers 2’s Bugs Can Fly Now, So Keep An Eye On The Skies

Things are not looking up.

A new update dropped for Helldivers 2 earlier in the week, famously bringing with it some much-requested nerfs to particular Terminid enemies – namely Chargers and Bile Titans – thinning their numbers and increasing their vulnerability to give Divers some well-deserved reprieve. One thing that wasn’t anticipated, or even revealed in the Update 1.000.102 patch notes, was the simultaneous introduction of flying Terminids dubbed Shriekers.

These flying pests will pop up in missions that note a side mission to take out their nests (thanks Windows Central) meaning you won’t always have to be scanning the skies for death from above but can at least anticipate where you’ll encounter them.

Arrowhead Game Studios continues to have fun with the game’s premise and community, with director Johan Pilestedt going on the record shortly after the flying menaces arrived to outright deny their existence, saying, “I’ve heard rumours of flying bugs in Helldivers 2. I want to officially refute such preposterous claims. Everyone knows that “Bugs can’t fly.” And I’m not alone in thinking this. The Ministry of Truth agrees that this is propaganda from bug sympathisers that want to brainwash good people. #Lies”

Helldivers 2 players will have their hands full this week with these new changes along with the introduction of a brand-new Warbond, Cutting Edge, which will bring even more goodies to unlock as part of a premium progression path.

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We gave Helldivers 2 a stellar 9/10 in our review, saying “Helldivers 2 is a masterstroke, a sensational sequel to one of my favourite games and an absolute must play for people who enjoy simple, cinematic, and irreverent fun. The shift in perspective, the upgraded graphics and sound design, and the hard lean into satirical humour have launched it easily into one of my favourite games of 2024. I highly recommend that you suit up and hit the Hellpods soldier, I’m doing my part, are you?”

Helldivers 2 is available now. You can get physical copies at a discounted $59 here.