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Helldivers 2’s Next Premium Warbond Contents And Release Date Have Been Revealed

Hell yeah.

Arrowhead Game Studios has revealed the next Premium Warbond for Helldivers 2, giving dedicated players a new set of gear to unlock. The Cutting Edge Warbond will launch on March 14th and feature new armour, weapons, capes and more. As a Premium Warbond it’ll require paid Super Credits to unlock but these can also be earned through game progression.

You can see the new gear in action in the trailer below, along with a list of some of what’s included via the PlayStation Blog:

Helldivers 2 Cutting Edge Warbond

EX Series Prototypes

EX-03 Prototype 3

Includes a rubber underlayer for insulation. Handy, really, as this prototype’s wires operate at a shocking 400,000 volts.

EX-16 Prototype 16

Warning: Electric arc generates a strong magnetic field. Avoid use while near stapled paperwork.

EX-00 Prototype X

The end result of several billion Super Credits and 12 years of research into creating “the Soldier of Tomorrow”. Show us it was worth it.

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Expanded arsenal

R&D didn’t stop at armor, though. They’re also rolling out a new series of alien-splitting weapons with electrifying perks!

LAS-16 Sickle

A sweet laser rifle that fires in short bursts. And it doesn’t need reloading. Just watch for overheating or shove a new heatsink in there.

SG-8P Punisher Plasma

Exploding plasma rounds sound deadly… because they are, to aliens and allies! This modified Punisher shotgun is as fun as it is fearsome.

ARC-12 Blitzer

Project an arc of close-range lightning, or charge it up to fire off powerful bolts. Good for taking out multiple targets and giving you more time to pick a celebration emote.

And you can unlock a new stun grenade, the G-23 Stun, and the LAS-7 Dagger pistol.

The Cutting Edge Warbond will also include three new capes, featuring matching colors and designs and their own player cards and emotes.