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The Stellar Blade Demo Is Out Now On PS5


Update 30/3: The Stellar Blade demo is now officially live on the PlayStation Store (and on purpose this time), so you can see for yourself how this brand-new and very stylish action game tickles your pickle ahead of its April 26th release date on PS5.

You can find the demo right here.

We got our hands on the Stellar Blade demo early thanks to PlayStation, so if you want to know more before you commit the time and bandwidth, have a read of our impressions here.

Update: After it was accidentally uploaded to the PlayStation Store early (and subsequently pulled), PlayStation and SHIFT UP have revealed that the playable demo for Stellar Blade is now set to officially launch this week on March 30th at 1AM AEDT.

The demo will allow players to sample the game’s tutorial and first stage and will include the game’s first boss fight, with save progress carrying over to the full game when it launches on April 26th.

You can watch a teaser for the Stellar Blade demo below:

Stellar Blade, the upcoming PS5-exclusive action game from Korea’s Shift Up and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, will be getting a lengthy playable demo at some point between now and its April 26th release date.

The reason we know this is not because it was officially revealed but because said demo was accidentally published to the PlayStation Store over the weekend before being subsequently pulled not long after.

PlayStation Game Size, an account on X that tracks updates to the PlayStation Store backend, managed to snag the demo while it was available and revealed a bunch of important details, including that it runs for around 90 minutes, includes a boss fight and added challenges and will allow save transfer to the full game.

Funnily enough, the demo wasn’t just pulled from the PlayStation Store minutes after being made available but those who had downloaded it (and were still connected to the internet) also had their license for the demo outright revoked shortly after, making it unable to be played even if you had it installed.

While you wait for an official announcement and drop of the Stellar Blade demo, you can watch the new trailer below for more detail on the game’s overall plot, setting and characters, as well as some pretty compelling looks at in-game environments, progression and of course a heap of action-packed gameplay and pre-order the game here.

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