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PlayStation Stars Rewards Can Now Be Spent On Helldivers 2 Super Credits And Copies Of Balatro

What more could you possibly need?

Contrary to what you might think, PlayStation Stars isn’t just for collecting virtual bobbleheads of Shuhei Yoshida and Jim Ryan.

Since the PlayStation Stars reward program launched back in 2022, it’s mostly been all about challenging players to fire up particular games or score specific trophies in exchange for a whole range of themed digital collectibles, but the offerings of actual digital games and content that players can redeem with their banked-up points has perhaps been a little less exciting.

Now though, after seemingly testing the waters with some Destiny 2 in-game currencies late last year, PlayStation has once again updated its roster of claimable rewards to include some pretty sought-after virtual goodies. Those who’ve been slowly racking up PlayStation Rewards points either by spending on the PlayStation Store or taking part in the regular campaigns can now put those down on an expanded range of both full games and virtual currencies.

This includes some pretty compelling stuff like packs of Helldivers 2 Super Credits and even the game itself, along with Rise of the Ronin, Minecraft, Dredge, Stardew Valley and for some reason the Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC. You can also buy Balatro, which you absolutely should. Or should not, depending on how much you value your free time and the real estate in your head.

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Although it still goes somewhat underused, PlayStation is seemingly continuing to work on the Stars program and hopefully that means more opportunities to grab bonus goodies like this. Despite some of the high points costs associated with full games, they’re not entirely out of reach, especially if you engage with the campaigns which usually just involve booting up certain games or obtaining certain trophies and offer up either exclusive digital collectibles or free rewards points.

You can learn more about PlayStation Stars on the official web page here.