Samsung Freestyle

Samsung’s New The Freestyle Is A Unique Portable Projector

Samsung has announced The Freestyle which is a portable 1080p projector that can rotate up to 180 degrees to enable you to project on walls, tables, the ceiling or your floor. It comes in at less than a kilo in weight which means it’ll be super easy to take anywhere.

It has full auto keystone and auto levelling features which means your image should automatically adapt to any surface that you’re shining the projector at.

The projector can project up to 100″ and it has an interface similar to that of Samsung TVs, which means it will have all the familiar streaming services built in.

As far as ports go there is a USB-C port as well as a HDMI port. Accessories include a waterproof case, USC-C battery pack and an adaptor that allows you to screw it into a lightbulb socket for power and to project downwards.

The projector will go on pre-order in Australia on January 17th and will set you back $1,499 AUD.