TCL 2023 TV Range

TCL’s 2023 Aussie TV Range Has Been Revealed Alongside A Whopper 98 Inch Mini LED

That's a big TV

TCL has announced its 2023 range for Australia and it includes a variety of TVs including a Mini LED, two QLED tvs and a 4K Ultra HD TV.Whilst more info will be released at a later date, we TVs that we know will be dropping in 2023 include:


  • C845 (Mini LED)
  • C745 (QLED)
  • C645 (QLED)
  • P745 (4K LED)

TCL promises enhanced picture quality and an elevated gaming experience in its 2023 lineup, but more information will be available in the coming months.

At CES, TCL also announced a 98-inch Mini LED which is said to have more dimming zones than any other TV on the market, although it’s not immediately clear if that’s coming to Australia at this stage.

We’ll keep you posted on TCL’s 2023 TV lineup as the quarter progresses.

In 2022, we reviewed TCL’s C835 Mini LED TV and said: “The TCL C835 is packed with features, meaning you don’t have to skimp on functionality to keep within your budget. The bright, vibrant display, content-friendly optimisations, and slick interface make for a great gaming and entertainment experience. Only a couple of design grievances and the lack of jaw-dropping picture quality offered by newer and significantly more expensive OLED tech hold it back. Considering it’s already dipped below $1,500, the TCL C835 Mini LED 55″ is a strong contender in its category and absolutely worth considering as an alternative to similarly priced Sony and Samsung TVs.”