Meta Quest 2

The Meta Quest 2 Has Had A Price Drop

But only the 256GB model.

As announced last week, the Meta Quest 2 has just received a price drop.

Specifically, the 256GB model has come down $70 from an RRP of $789.99 to a new price of $719.99.

While not the most enormous reduction, it brings the cost of the headset just a little bit closer to its original RRP of $639.99, before Meta raised the prices on both the 128GB and 256GB Quest 2 devices. Currently, the 128GB remains at its RRP of $629.99

Amazon has the headset at its new price, along with similar reductions on the bundled packages. Right now, all new purchases also come with two bonus games/apps in the forms of Space Pirate Trainer DX and GOLF+. You can grab them right here:

Buy The Meta Quest 2 256GB At A New Low Price

Includes bonus Space Pirate Trainer DX and GOLF+

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