crkd neo s

The Makers Of The CRKD Nitro Deck Are Launching Gorgeous New Premium Controllers

Hall effect sticks, triggers and remappable buttons!

CRKD, the company behind the excellent Nitro Deck controller grip for the Nintendo Switch, has announced a new and eye-catching, retro-styled controller that packs some advanced features.
Dubbed The NEO S, it’s compatible with Nintendo Switch as well as PCs, mobile devices and more thanks to Bluetooth technology, and packs drift-free Hall Effect thumbsticks with swappable tops, Hall Sensor triggers, gyroscope, fully-adjustable vibration, turbo function and remappable back buttons to make it a fully-featured, premium controller despite its retro shape.
It’s not just a unique overall shape, but the NEO S is also something of an art piece with nine different designs at launch including three Special Editions designed by renowned game controller artist POPeART. Like the Nitro Deck, keen collectors can even register their NEO S controller in the CRKD True Collection System App on iOS and Android to check out their rarity rank and customise the functionality (when future updates allow).
The CRKD NEO S is set to drop in April this year with pre-orders open currently on the CRKD website for $54.99 USD (around $85 AUD). The nine designs available at launch will be:
  • Retro Gold Edition
  • Classic Clear Edition
  • Atomic Red Edition
  • Emerald Green Edition
  • Orange Zest Edition
  • Electric Pink Edition
  • Splatter Edition by POPeART
  • Blossom Edition by POPeART
  • Junkyard Edition by POPeART
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In our review of the CRKD Nitro Deck, we said, “The CRKD Nitro Deck is about the most transformative add-on for the Switch in its portable form that I’ve used to date. It’s super comfortable and well-built with mostly excellent buttons, packs some nifty added features and importantly promises zero stick drift all at a pretty decent price point. A couple of minor missteps aren’t enough to stop me from wholeheartedly recommending this to anyone who plays a lot of their Switch at home or on the road in portable mode.”