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The PlayStation PULSE Elite Wireless Headset Is Out Now In Australia And Early Reviews Are Positive

Feel the PULSE

PlayStation’s newest official peripheral has landed, and this time it’s a new premium take on the iconic PlayStation PULSE 3D Wireless Headset. Appropriately dubbed the PULSE Elite, it’s a sweeping improvement on its more entry-level predecessor with improved comfort, sound and new technologies.

The PULSE Elite Wireless Headset is available now in stores for an RRP of $239.95, so whether you’re stepping out the front door as you read this to go and pick one up or you’re still on the fence, here’s what you need to know:

PULSE Elite Wireless Headset Features – What Makes It Unique?

The Pulse Elite Wireless Headset takes the familiar PULSE headset form factor and marries it with next-generation technology, starting with the inclusion of planar magnetic drivers. These drivers offer incredible audio accuracy with subtle details and deep, rich bass and paired with 3D Audio in supported games should make for an audio experience like no other. Usually reserved for expensive, high-end headphones, having planar magnetic drivers in a well-priced gaming headset is a literal game changer.

On top of this, the new PlayStation Link technology (which also features in the PULSE Explore wireless earbuds) not only delivers that sound at lightning speed but makes connecting and switching between multiple devices, like a PS5, PlayStation Portal and PC or Mac, fast and simple.

Lastly, Sony says the AI-enhanced microphone noise rejection built in has been trained to identify, isolate and remove unwanted background sounds while you’re gaming, like air conditioners, pets, vacuums and more. The headset even comes with a handy charging hanger, so it’s truly ready for a busy home lifestyle or slick office aesthetic.

PULSE Elite Wireless Headset Price – What’s It Cost?

You can pick up the PULSE Elite Wireless Headset for $239 right now from Amazon with fast, free shipping.

You can also pick a set up from the Sony Store, or if you’re looking to try your chances on-foot, the PULSE Elite is also stocked in the expected local retailers like JB Hi-Fi, EB Games, Big W and Harvey Norman.

PULSE Elite Wireless Headset VS Pulse 3D Wireless Headset – Which Is Better?

It depends on your budget! If you’re looking for a sub-$150 gaming headset that’s wireless, with decent sound and that’s designed for PS5 and its 3D Audio capabilities, the existing Pulse 3D headset is an easy recommendation.

If you want to take that experience up a notch though, with better sounding planar magnetic drivers, more than twice the battery life (around 12 hours versus up to 30), a handy hanging charger and PlayStation Link technology, the Pulse Elite is shaping up to be a great choice at just $80 more.

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PULSE Elite Wireless Headset Reviews

Early reviews for the PULSE Elite Wireless Headset are largely positive, with most citing excellent audio quality on both PS5 and PC as well as good comfort and features all at a reasonable price point.

IGN scored the headset a 9/10 and said, “The PlayStation Pulse Elite headphones are true to their name and provide top-tier performance across multiple metrics. The audio quality is spectacular for gaming, they’re very comfortable, and the battery life is excellent. If you can get past the weak microphone and unusual design, their excellent usability and great sound quality make any other headphones hard to recommend for the PlayStation 5 at this price.”

CNET praised the sound quality thanks to those planar magnetic drivers, writing, “Ultimately, what sets the Pulse Elite Wireless apart from the competition are its planar magnetic drivers and excellent sound quality for both gaming and everyday music listening. While it may not necessarily look like a high-end gaming headphone, it does perform like one and seems like a relative bargain. I wish it had a few more features that made it a little more conducive to use as an everyday headphone, but I can’t complain too much because headphones with planar magnetic drivers would cost a lot more.”

Game Rant were big fans of being able to use PlayStation Link across PS5, Portal and PC/Mac, saying, “Sony’s Pulse Elite headset could have easily been a device built only for use with the PS5 and PlayStation Portal. As a dedicated PlayStation headset, it still delivers excellent audio, solid overall comfort, and a good-quality microphone. PlayStation fans in the market for a quality headset will be happy with their purchase.

“But the ability to use the headset and take advantage of PlayStation Link on PC/Mac and the Dual Device connectivity help widen the Pulse Elite’s appeal to more gamers and platforms. The sleek design is unmistakably PlayStation, but the functionality makes the Pulse Elite a great gaming headset, period.”

We’ll have our own review very soon, after we’ve spent a decent amount of time with the headset and really put it through its paces, so watch this space. You can read our review of the other PULSE headset equipped with planar magnetic drivers and PlayStation Link, the PULSE Explore wireless earbuds, right here.