Sea Of Thieves Takes To The High Seas On Xbox One and Windows 10 PC

Rare’s most ambitious title yet, Sea of Thieves, received the gameplay demo treatment tonight at Microsoft’s E3 briefing. The demo was not live – instead Rare invited several members of the Sea of Thieves community to play against each other without any tutorials. They were given free reign of the game world and then left to their own devices.

The game is a first person perspective and in it the players work together as their own crew on a pirate ship. Players can work together to hoist their sales and set themselves loose on the high seas, before coming into contact with other ships manned by actual other players.

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We don’t know a whole lot about Sea of Thieves just yet but it could be one of the more unique online experiences when it launches next year. The title will also support Play Anywhere, meaning that copies purchased digitally on Xbox One or PC will allow players to play on the other format, sharing progress.