It’s been long rumoured for many years that the PS4 and Xbox One could potentially be the last home console with companies opting to go for minor upgrades much like PC gamers would be used to.

Phil Spencer has replied to a fan on Twitter confirming that Project Scorpio will not the best least mainline console in the Xbox family.

Recently in an interview with Engadget, Head of Xbox Marketing Aaron Greenberg spoke a little bit about the future of Xbox saying that the future of Xbox is less about console generations and more about building a library, community and being able to iterate with hardware. He basically stated that it was more about furthering Xbox as a brand and a service rather than console iterations.


We’re hoping to hear more about Project Scorpio in the near future with Microsoft still saying that it’s coming sometime in 2017.

  • Lodmot

    ‘Kay… Not sure why Microsoft, a $304 billion company, would stop making consoles to make more money. Lul.

    • Hans Olo

      Hey did you hear KODI is going to be launched on Xbox one as a UWP? the developers conference said they are working on it and will be released for Xbox one……….wonder if Kodi will help sell Xbox Ones?? With the power of should be able to emulate, but aside form that think of all the movies!…..check out this link bud…

  • Schroeder

    No duh. Not news. Spencer affirmed a successor to the Scorpio Xbox long ago when the Scorpio was first talked about. The Scorpio is an XB1 family product and the next Xbox will be something different/something further evolved. That’s why Spencer was so clear about this answer: hesualready addressed it.