Australians Are Increasingly Using Video Games To Bond With Their Families

A new research conducted by Xbox Australia and Telsyte suggests that Australians are increasingly using digital entertainment such as video games and streaming services to build a stronger bond with the rest of their family.

49% of parents claim that shared digital experience have a positive effect on family bonds. Interestingly enough, Xbox One owners claimed that 62% of shared digital experiences have a positive effect on family bond building suggesting that video games might provide better bonding experiences than streaming services such as Netflix, Stan etc.

In terms of popularity, 35% of families claimed that they have played more video games as a family this year than the year past.

It’s no secret that families have bonded over entertainment (such as TV shows, movies etc) for generations, but with gaming being quite an isolated experience at times, it’s good to see that families are using games to bond and build better relationships.