You Can Help Stress Test Sea Of Thieves This Weekend

After the roaring success of the recent closed beta and first scale test, Sea of Thieves is once again being opened up this weekend to another Scale Test as Rare hope to test the latest updates to the services and see just how many concurrent users they can accommodate at one time.

The test has already begun, though it does end Sunday night at 9:00AEDT.

For those looking to get involved, the same rules apply as the previous tests run for the seafaring sensation. You have to have either pre-ordered the game or signed up for the Insider programme.

If you’re a hopeful applicant on Xbox One, make sure you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, though that should go without saying.

If you happen to miss out on this occasion, Rare has said they do intend on running another beta closer to the game’s launch which will give players “a taste of the wider Sea of Thieves experience”, whatever that entails.

Sea of Thieves launches on March 20 as a Play Anywhere title on PC and Xbox One.

  1. I’ll give it another go on release or when it’s in open beta, but I didn’t matchmake with a single player who used a headset. There was no tutorial either, so every game ended with one guy running off and sinking the ship, one guy swimming out to sea and one guy quitting. Nobody seemed to know what they were doing, I can’t wait to play with real life friends.

  2. I don’t really get where that other comment is coming from. Personally I love the look and feel of this game so far. Yes the world is a bit empty at the moment, because most of the content is being saved for full release. Even with the game as it is I could happily while away some hours just chilling in the high seas. The visual style is gorgeous, the water looks amazing, I can almost feel the sea spray on the wind as my ship ploughs through churning waves. And the sunrises and sunsets, omg I couldn’t stop taking screenshots. The *thunk* of your shovel when you finally find the treasure on your map is quite satisfying. I sucked at ship to ship combat, but that is my failing, not the game’s. I encountered plenty of other would be pirates in my travels, spent more time fleeing through rocks and shoals than in combat, which was fun and thrilling in itself.
    I highly recommend getting on board for the final test to make up your own mind before you need to fork out same hard earned dollars.

  3. I tried it this weekend. I just wandered aimlessly around the seas for 2-3 hours. Once again a very empty and lifeless world. I didn’t find any other ship.

    I just moved from outpost to outpost and visiting the odd island where I had to deal with few weak skeletons. What I did find a lot of is those shops on the outpost.

    The only “life” I saw is NPC who didn’t have a voice (whose dialogue I had to read) and who were mostly trying to sell me stuff.. It just looks like a game that was made to sell stuff.

    If games as a service is : “we’ll put you in a big lifeless world, with no real goal, no real story, no splitscreen, no voice acting, awkward combat, overall average graphics but hey it’s ok we have loads of shops where you can buy stuff”, then no thanks I’m fine. This is really not for me…

    This was really boring for me. A major disappointment. I feel like I’ve wasted few hours…
    I don’t think I’ll try it again and just uninstall it.

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