Phil Spencer Concedes Xbox Needs Something Like God of War

After the universal acclaim for Sony’s God of War, Ryan McCaffrey took to social media to lament on how Xbox players are simply dying to be able to celebrate a masterpiece epic like God of War.

McCaffrey also noted that while Sony’s first-party studios are firing on all cylinders at the moment, it hasn’t always been like that. He suggests that it’s probably only during the last ten years that Sony has got it together and that Microsoft could, indeed, get to that level of quality, but that it might take time.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, decided to weigh in on the situation as he essentially agreed with McCaffrey’s summation.

Spencer appears to be acutely aware that there have been bumps along the way but now that Xbox, as a platform, is in a much better position, in terms of hardware, than in previous years, it’s a good foundation to begin building quality single-player experiences upon.

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Given nothing like God of War is currently in the pipelines for Microsoft with the company having gone all-in recently with co-operative, games as services experiences like Sea of Thieves, this refocus to better compete with Sony’s first-party may take time, but it sounds like it’s coming nonetheless.