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Those Xbox Controller Barbecue Shapes Are Coming To Stores This Week

These Xbox controller launches are getting out of hand.

Update: Xbox and Arnott’s have finally confirmed that the Xbox Wireless Controller-themed Barbecue Shapes are headed exclusively to Coles stores this week at $4 a box, saying:

“Attention player one and player two; Xbox Controller Barbecue Shapes have dropped!!

“Sound familiar? That’s right, we teased this product back in 2023 with a very limited batch. Now, we’re making gamers’ dreams a reality.

“Available exclusively in  Coles supermarkets nationwide later this week, until sold out.”

Krishma Sood, Shapes Marketing Manager at Arnott’s, added in a press release: “After seeing the response to our very limited-edition batch last year, we knew we had to make Xbox Controller Barbecue Shapes available for every Aussie. Merging the iconic shape of an Xbox controller with the iconic flavour of Barbecue Shapes was the perfect way to build our partnership, creating a more immersive experience for our fans every time they game and snack.”

Original Story: You might recall that just over a year ago, Xbox and iconic ANZ snack, Shapes, kicked off a lasting romance by dropping a very special Xbox Wireless Controller-themed Barbecue Shapes variety.

While, at the time, these were only made available via a sweepstakes as well as a few handouts to local Xbox fans, it seems they’re now poised to hit actual stores for everyone to buy and chow down on (thanks Always-On!). Like before, these look to only be available in the Barbecue variety (Xbox did just create a number of custom Barbecue Shapes Xbox Series X consoles, after all), and while there’s currently a listing for them on the Coles website there’s no indication of when they’ll be available or whether that availability will extend to other shops.

These boxes are naturally also still eligible for entry into the current sweepstakes to win Xbox Series X consoles as well as instant 1 month Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, with one entry for each box of Shapes that’s bought and registered on the competition page here. The giveaway is on right now and runs until May 12th, so there’s still plenty of time.

Located at the Microsoft Experience Centre in Westfield Sydney, the two brands have also just launched a new Shapes and Xbox inspired, custom-built lounge room experience where punters can chow down on their favourite Shapes flavours as well as check out that limited-edition Barbecue Shapes Xbox Series X Console in person.

Fans will be able to see an “eye-popping” bookshelf carved out with the various Shapes shapes, a Chicken Crimpy coffee table, a Barbecue Shapes lounge and more. Of course, you’ll be able to simply kick back in The Lounge Room That Shapes Built (For Xbox) with a themed controller in hand and check out some games while eating Shapes and going for instant prizes in a special Shapes Xbox Vending Machine, from Xbox Game Pass codes to Xbox Controllers.

This pop-up is open now and runs until May 8th, so make sure you go and check it all out if you’re in Sydney in that time.