An All New Training Mode Is Coming To PUBG

Slated for release September of this year, an all-new “training mode” will be added to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to allow players practice all aspects of PUBG gameplay on a 2×2 km map. According to the official announcement released on Steam earlier today, Training Mode is part of the FIX PUBG campaign, aimed at improving user experience, fixing bugs, quality of life needs, and rectifying performance issues.

The 2×2 km island map features a racing track for 5-20 players to practice their driving skills, parachuting school with scattered targets designed to help you stick your landing, a target range, a zone for close-quarters combat and even vehicle jumps to master your sick stunt driving. Steam has made it clear that the features of the map are still subject to change while the map remains in development but you can still take a look at the full list of prospective features.

According to Senior Designer, Dave Osei, the map is designed to leave space for implementing new sections as the game develops and is currently broken up into various sections that each represent gameplay situations that players may find themselves in during the course of normal gameplay.  In order to refine the skills required in these situations, players can roam freely around the map, practicing whichever skill they like.