Microsoft is Launching an Awesome Limited Edition PUBG Xbox One Controller

During Gamescom earlier this week, Microsoft announced that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds would be officially exiting Xbox’s Game Preview program and becoming a full 1.0 release as of September 4 of this year. In addition to this, Microsoft will be celebrating the 1.0 launch with the release of a brand new limited edition PUBG themed Xbox One controller, pictured below.




The controller features a distressed black digital camo design, gold d-pad, PUBG logo on the battery cover and new and exclusive trigger grips to help players “stay on target in the final circle.” According to the Microsoft store, the controller will be available on October 30 and you can pre-order it directly from Microsoft for AUS$99.95, otherwise, EB Games also has it listed for pre-order, releasing on November 13 for the same price with an AUD$10 deposit.

It should be noted that the Microsoft pre-order boasts exclusive in-game content while the EB Games pre-order does not mention anything about it. However, if it is like the exclusive content included with the Sea of Thieves Limited Edition Controller, released earlier this year, it is likely to be bundled within the box and therefore included with every unit sold.

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