Xbox Controller

Xbox’s Pride Controller Is A Thing Of Beauty

Xbox has announced a range of initiatives to support Pride month ranging from controllers, to merch to DONTNOD’s Tell Me Why being free for the entire month.

Without doubt, my favourite of the lot so the Pride 2021 Xbox Wireless Controller, which unfortunately at this stage is only going to be sent out to key media and influencers. The fact that it’s such a beautiful, colourful controller means that no doubt it’d do well if Xbox decided to sell it.

There’s also a range of Pride merch that ranges from T-shirts, to tote bags, to stickers and a bunch of other cool things. Prices start at about $7 and you’re looking at roughly $10 shipping to get items over here. You can shop the full range HERE. 

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Lastly, Tell Me Why (which is a very important game) will be free for the entire month of June for Xbox and Windows PC owners. You can grab that HERE. 

To find out more about Xbox’s pride month initiatives, you can read their blog post HERE.