Space Jam New Legacy

A Space Jam Beat ‘Em Up Game Is Coming Alongside Some Epic Xbox Controllers

Xbox has announced Space Jam: A New Legacy The Game which will launch exclusively onto Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks for free on July 1st before coming more widely available on July 15th. As you can see in the announce trailer below, it looks to old beat ’em up games such as Battletoads and the likes as inspiration with the game letting you play as King James as well as other Looney Tunes characters.

This new game comes from Xbox asking for fan ideas for games around Space Jam: The New Legacy in December.


Xbox has also confirmed three controllers, one based on the Tune Squad, one on the Goon Squad and another one that focuses on the movie. In Australia, we’ll be getting the Tune Squad controller (which is easily the best one). The controller will be available on July 8th for roughly $100 AUD.

Space Jam New Legacy

  • Tune Squad: Become a member of the Squad and channel your inner Tune with this awesome controller, featuring one of Bug Bunny’s favorite colors – Carrot Orange.
  • Goon Squad: If you’re feeling like a super cyber-baller, pick up the Goon Squad controller, but prepare to face the Tunes on the court.
  • Serververse: Step into the Warner 3000 entertainment “Serververse” with this new out-of-this-world controller.
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Developer Digital Eclipse had the below to say about the game: “Our team is mainly composed of game industry veterans who grew up when arcades were flourishing. That era of gaming is a constant reminder of some of the happiest times in our lives. That feeling of joy—along with the incredible Looney Tunes IP and of course a basketball icon like LeBron—is what drove us to try and capture the magic of those days and the spirit of games popular during that time. We wanted to bring a taste of that to modern gamers, especially those who never got to experience the days of arcades, while also reigniting a sense of nostalgia.” Space Jam