Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s First Major Expansion Will Bring Competitive Multiplayer

A bunch of new content for Microsoft Flight Simulator was announced.

Firstly, a world update will release on September 7th free-of-charge bringing more detailed areas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This will bring high resolution maps for several cities, with new discovery flights, landing challenges and bush trips.

This update will also bring new aircrafts. The Junkers JU-52 is a German plan from the 1930s and will set you back about $15. The Volocopter is some kind of drone/helicopter hybrid will come later this year in November.

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The first major expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator was also teased. It’ll bring Reno Air Races which sees planes flying at up to 500mph in a competitive race against other planes. That’ll come later this year and it’s presumed it’ll be a paid expansion.

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